RMCC helps kids from
refugee and migrant backgrounds

thrive in school and life

Why is this our passion, our mission?

Can you imagine going to school in a new country where you may not speak or write in the language; your parents don’t speak the language fluently; you have never been to school or it has been some time since you last went to school; the school system and curriculum isn’t set up to support your settlement needs; the culture is different; you have no friends; you’ve experienced trauma; or have no extended family around you for support?

These are some of the reasons RMCC exists. With the individual needs of each child at the core, RMCC partners with their family, school, settlement agency and their community to together tackle the unique and complex barriers they face settling in Australia.

Parents, teachers and the kids tell us our programs tackle the barriers faced during the settlement journey, so that confidence and self-belief is built, educational engagement and outcomes are improved, social connections are formed and the capacity for independence increases – the empowerment each child deserves and needs to succeed in life is our goal, no matter what their background is.


We love what we do – and we do it differently.

RMCC refugee migrant children

Why what we do is important

Each year over 2000 refugee children settle in Victoria.

Initial government settlement services are focused on the family as a whole and generally end after the first six months. However, the settlement journey for children and youth continues well beyond this point, adding many unique and complex dimensions to the challenges that all kids face through the various stages of growth.

RMCC is the only organisation in Australia providing specialist support that focuses on the ongoing barriers and needs of school aged children and youth from refugee, asylum seeker and migrant backgrounds.

We collaborate and bring together the key figures in each child’s life, their school, teachers, family, community and other services in a holistic and tailored approach that is moulded to each child’s needs.

In the next three years (by 2020), an estimated 6000 refugee and migrant children will settle in Victoria alone. The team at RMCC aims to reach and empower at least 2000 of these kids.