School is back. But the challenge isn't over.
Now comes the critical stage - supporting the kids that COVID-19 left behind.

During the six months Victorian students were away from school, many kids from refugee and migrant backgrounds lacked the technology and support needed to participate in remote learning.
Despite their best efforts, they have fallen behind.

Lost learning can have lasting academic consequences for children experiencing vulnerability, and severely impact their mental well-being.

If we re-engage kids with their education, we can change this.
But we must act quickly.


Every year over 2000 kids from refugee and migrant backgrounds resettle in Victoria.

Settlement services provided by the government tend to focus on the family as a whole and generally end after the first six months. However, the settlement journey for children and youth is complex and continues well beyond this point.  

RMCC is a Victorian not-for-profit organisation providing specialist support to address the ongoing barriers and unique needs of school-aged children and youth from refugee and migrant backgrounds. 

We seek to empower them with the educational support, life-skills and confidence they need to get the fresh start they deserve, so they can thrive in school and in life.


We bring together the key figures in each child’s life – their family, school, teachers, and community – through weekly after-school mentoring programs, training and workshops that are hosted at our partner schools in Melbourne’s inner west. 


RMCC’s programs: 

  • bridge the learning gap, in classrooms and schools
  • build life-long social skills, and the confidence that comes with them 
  • foster resilience and promote positive mental health 
  • empower parents to understand and actively participate in their children’s education 
  • make Australia a place that can be called home, for everyone 



1,617 Kids Empowered Through our Programs


14,294 Hours of Programs Delivered


1,126 Kids Equipped with School Necessities


31 Cultures Brought Together

Where our RMCC kids come from

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