We’re excited to announce and welcome RMCC’s new Chair, Richard King!

Richard is a Managing Partner at GRA Cosway where he is a senior client lead, presenter, and public affairs consultant. Richard’s area of expertise is in the political advisory and government relations sector, and his breadth of experience also encompasses working formally as a Director for the Government Relations Australia Advisory.  Richard also currently serves as a Board Member for Screen Australia. He is passionate about arts and culture, economic empowerment, and human rights.

We’ve asked Richard a few questions so the RMCC community
can get to know him better…


Why is the mission of RMCC important?


The RMCC empowers refugee and migrant children and youth who now call Australia home to create their own opportunities.  This mission is important because refugee and migrant children face additional challenges to those of Australian born families.  These challenges can be linguistic, cultural or emotional in nature and can make it difficult for children to navigate their new environment.

Migration is a vital part of Australia’s cultural fabric.  Migration has contributed positively to our economy and way of life.  Equally, the RMCC’s mission is to support and empower our most important resource – our children.  These children will be our next generation of leaders, and by helping to facilitate their empowerment, the RMCC is benefiting all Australians.


What do you think makes RMCC different from other organisations in the space?


The use of mentoring by RMCC as its key engagement tool has enabled the organisation to tailor its approach to the needs of each child.  No two children share the same experience.  The RMCC programme ensures that it is flexible enough to be meaningful to all.

The RMCC approach is to focus on education, identity and belonging, life skills, and mental health and wellbeing, and to provide practical ways for children to overcome the most pressing challenges they face. This is not the cookie cutter approach that many of the larger settlement agencies need to apply.  It ensures that the most the critical needs of the individual child are always addressed through the programme.

RMCC’s approach to genuinely partnering with schools is another important aspect to its effectiveness.  The school environment is extremely important to migrant and refugee children as it is where most of their earliest experiences are occur.  The schools RMCC partner with share the objectives of the organisation and are critical to the design and implementation of the RMCC programmes.  In that sense, the success of the RMCC is truly a shared one.


Why did you join the RMCC board and what do you hope to contribute?


From the moment I was approached to consider joining the RMCC board it felt like the right decision.  The RMCC is a wonderful organisation, and the passion and vision of its founders, Alice and Bobby, is extraordinary!

My interest in immigration and settlement policy stemmed from my first serious career role back in the 90s.  I am passionate about the benefits migration brings to Australia and am committed to making our nation as welcoming to migrants and refugees as possible. Critical to this is the initial settlement experience they face.  The RMCC’s programmes make a difference, and I wanted to be part of it.

I hope to contribute by ensuring that the board is strongly governed, and as supportive to the goals of the organisation as possible.  Each board member brings a variety of skills and experience to the table, and I want to ensure that RMCC is fully utilising these to successfully implement its exciting corporate plan.