Sidekicks Junior and Sidekicks Senior

Sidekicks Junior and Sidekicks Senior are weekly mentoring program that focus on the English language, engagement in learning and school life, and building individual capacity and confidence to take on the learning opportunities available at school.

These two programs are similar but cater for different age groups, with Sidekicks Junior for primary school aged children, and Sidekicks Senior for those in high school.

With both tackling complex barriers that are unique to children from refugee and migrant backgrounds, ensuring the cycle of disadvantage is stopped and they are able to sieze the opportunities presented to them.

Family Learning Club

RMCC Refugee Migrant Children Centre Program Child Happy

Our Family Learning Club engages the parents or guardians of recently arrived primary aged school children in their education and school community. This weekly program breaks down the barriers for parents in being able to be involved in their child’s education and school community, regardless of their own prior education or English language skills. These interactive, educational and energetic workshops allow children develop life skills such as critical thinking, intra- and inter-personal skills, as well as enhance educational outcomes.

Through project based work children are able to collaborate with their parents or guardians on different themed projects, as well as with RMCC mentors and staff of partnering schools. Workshops are also held periodically for parents or guardians to learn more about the school activities and resources, such as parent and teacher interview or online learning portals, allowing them to be more present within the school community.

Educational Material Aid

Having the right tools to engage in your learning and school life prevents children being not only at a material disadvantage to their peers, but ensures they are able to engage with their education by possessing the resources they require. Educational material aid such as school packs are distributed to our RMCC kids, as well as kids throughout Victoria through caseworkers at partnering settlement agencies.

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