Introducing the RMCC Board

It’s been a busy few months at RMCC with our RMCC HQ move and new programs starting up. Quietly behind the scenes, our RMCC Board has been busy too. Our board come from a range of backgrounds and their knowledge and expertise enrich our organisation. We hope that you enjoy getting to know them!


Mark Burton- Acting Chair

Mark B is a Certified Practicing Accountant and over the past 4 years has been actively involved in providing settlement support and services to the Sudanese community, alongside his own commercial consultancy venture. When asked to summarise himself in 3 words, he is tempted to describe himself as an 'old white male' but will prefer 'Mature. Social conscience'. We can tell that his sense of humour has been present throughout his life, because when he was a child, he aspired to be 'tall, because I was always the smallest kid, holding the blackboard in the class photo'.





Carolyn Doyle- Non-Executive Director & Secretary

As a lawyer with over 30 years of experience, Carolyn has worked with commercial businesses, government bodies and not-for-profit organisations. Whilst Carolyn describes herself as 'bookish, untidy and curious', she is currently legal counsel at the Australian Charities and Not for Profits Commission. Carolyn has joined us because she firmly believes that RMCC can make a positive difference in the lives of the children who participate in its programs. Which to her is 'a great thing to be involved in'.





Jordan Mavros- Non-Executive Director

Jordan’s personal interest and concern in the encouragement, guidance and support of children and youth is augmented by his experience as a social worker and counsellor. Two professions very different from what he expected as a child! When Jordan was young, he expected to be a farmer, because for young Jordan, his world was his village. Even now, he treasures the memories of tending to the sheep after school. Additionally, Jordan is the former CEO of the Geelong Ethnic Communities Council, Chairperson of the Multicultural Aged Care Services, and President and Director at United Way/ Give Where You Live.





Jennifer Hill- Non-Executive Director

Jennifer is a senior consultant who has worked extensively across risk and crisis management, media and government relations, and corporate communications. She has worked in some of the world’s most dynamic geopolitical environments, especially with World Vision Australia, leading their humanitarian and emergency public affairs. Jennifer is a person of fascinating stories, having lived in Jordan and Timor-Leste.







Alice Wojcik and Bobby Allen- Executive Directors

Alice our Founder and CEO, along with Bobby, our Co-Founder and Project Manager will be serving as the Executive Directors of the Board bringing their on-the-ground knowledge, passion and their diverse range of individual talents.

Alice has a background in mathematics and financial planning, having worked in the banking and risk sector. However, her passion lies with creating opportunities for vulnerable children, allowing them to succeed no matter what their background or circumstances, a cause she has dedicated herself to for more than 10 years, resulting in RMCC. Bobby has a background in audio-engineering and over 10 years’ experience working with special needs and homeless children and youth through an array of organisations. He also has over 5 years in project and event management, having curated various events in multiple cities across the world.

Our recent toy drive was an absolute smash!

It’s fair to say that our recent Toy Drive was an absolute smash! From classic board games and soft toys to reading books and kids crafts, the RMCC team were left totally overwhelmed by the sheer assortment of toys donated by the community.

Our Fundraising Intern, Jasmine, worked tirelessly throughout the whole donation drive to ensure it was a success! She first started to contact possible collection points in March and from there began to get the boxes ready and distribute them in April for collection. In May, it was time to collect each box and we were often left amazed by the number of donations. For example, when collecting from Holy Rosary Primary School, Jasmine, was met with an entire roomful of toys… far too many for her to bring back to RMCC’s Sunshine headquarters on the train!

There is no doubt that it takes a supportive community to provide opportunity, so we would like to thank the organisations who stepped up to be a collection points. In total, we had 12 collection points so we would like to thank the fantastic teams at Seddon Community Bank Branch, Phoenix St Children's Centre, Coburg North Primary School, Holy Rosary Primary School, Metropolis Bookshop, BeeKeeper Parade, St. Fidelis Catholic Primary School, Footscray North Primary School, Cummins Laverton, Angliss Children's Centre, Brenbeal Children's Centre and Footscray Library.

With around 1,000 toys donated in total, we will be giving the toys to families in the local vicinity to families encountering financial hardship. Already, more than 40 families have benefitted from the donations and if we’re honest we still have tons of toys left so this number will continue to rise! We look forward to bringing smiles to the faces of refugee and migrant children who gratefully receive the donations.

Meet RMCC’s Co-Founder Bobby Allen

Almost five years ago the RMCC journey started. From our early beginnings as a local homework club to opening Australia’s first Refugee Migrant Children Centre last year, Bobby has been with us every step of the way. As a Director and Project Manager at RMCC, he has celebrated our major milestones whilst also providing tangible solutions in times of uncertainty and hardship. Bobby has worked tirelessly on RMCC programs from running our first session to the present day whereby he constantly seeks to expand our program portfolio and manages a team of Program Assistants and mentors.

Bobby’s enthusiasm and constant commitment to help secure the future for all our families and their futures sets him apart and makes RMCC programs unique. He is adored and respected by everyone throughout the organisation, from key stakeholders and volunteers to the beneficiaries we help every week.

So, it is with great excitement that we announce that Bobby Allen will now be formally recognised as a Co-Founder of RMCC. Alice Wojcik, our CEO and Founder, comments that “without him RMCC wouldn’t exist and every time I speak about the organisation it’s as we, not I.” Bobby has been right beside Alice throughout RMCC’s journey, providing constant support and making sacrifices so that they can achieve their RMCC dream.

Bobby certainly doesn’t like to take the limelight, so it has taken us some time to convince him that he should be formally recognised for the invaluable contribution he has brought to the team. RMCC couldn’t be more excited about Bobby’s official new title and would once again like to extend our appreciation for all he has done so far for RMCC.

We can’t wait to see what Bobby continues to achieve- we know it’s going to be brilliant!

RMCC headquarters relocate to Sunshine

After over a year in our Footscray HQ, we have some incredibly exciting to news to share with you! On the 1st of May, we officially moved from our Footscray base to a bigger and better space in Sunshine. You will now be able to find us at 21A Sun Crescent, Sunshine, which is just a short walk from the town centre and Sunshine train station.

Relocating to Sunshine allows for the growth of our services, providing a stronger central presence and connection from Melbourne’s North to South-West. This is the first step in our plan to widen our service reach for refugee and migrant children and youth, ensuring they have access to RMCC's unique and holistic programs. Alice Wojcik, our Founder and CEO, comments that

“Our new RMCC headquarters will bring new and exciting prospects for refugee & migrant children in Melbourne’s West. We look forward bringing those to life for the kids.”

This move represents an exciting change for the RMCC family so we are keen to share the space with you all. We are open from 10am-5pm every weekday, and we would love it if lots of you popped by to say hello.

As the team continues to settle into the new office, we would like to say a big thank you to all the supporters of our working bee who gave up their weekend to give our new office some much needed TLC. We really appreciate your help. Also as the work took longer than expected, we would like to recognise friends and family of RMCC that continued to pitch in for the next two weeks. We honestly can't thank you enough as your help ensured that we were able to open the office on time.

Likewise, without generous furniture donations from Next Wave, Amrick and Alan via Pozible, our office would simple look empty! All your donations ensure that our programs and volunteers have a nice space to work in.

Due to the sheer scale of the new space, we are still after a few extra items of furniture, so if you know anyone who would be willing to give some bookshelves a loving home, we would love to hear from you! Please email us on