Dr Renu Narchal discussing barriers regarding kids acting as the family translator

Dr Renu Narchal, Acting Deputy Dean and Associate Dean of Engagement and International at Western Sydney University, is a Senior Lecturer in Psychology and researcher into childhood experiences of language brokering, i.e. the act of translating oral and written language for their family. In the videos below, she shares interesting insights on this often overlooked challenge that many kids from refugee and migrant backgrounds have to take on.

Dr Narchal explains how language brokering can be a gender role. Girls are more expected to help parents with this responsibility than boys are.

The difference between the functional and emotional dependency parents have on their children when relying on their language skill.

Dr Narchal explores the potential circumstances where kids choose to adjust the language and tone when translating for their parents.

The significance of integrating into the Australian culture for kids and why parents shouldn’t expect kids to forego social activities to help them translate.

Dr Narchal reveals the result of her research question regarding whether the participants thought of leaving school due to the heavy responsibility they were carrying.

Why it is important for parents to acknowledge the effort and sacrifice kids make when undertaking this role.`

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