Building confidence and a sense of belonging is a ongoing priority in our weekly programs because it helps the kids in all aspects of their life. A confident child is more likely to ask for help, both in and out of school.


There’s never a dull moment with our energetic Sidekick Juniors and their mentors!




This term has been very good. I made some new friends and I’m proud of it because I never had the chance to go make new friends but since I’m in year 6 now, I’m more confident to make new friends and I play with them all the time. 

The note of encouragement I found in my backpack made me feel good. I don’t know the person but they made me happy. They said that they want to meet me. I think they heard about RMCC and they really like it.

– Sidekick Junior kid, Tuesday session

I’m proud of getting better at multiplication and division because I didn’t understand anything about multiplication and division, especially last year, but as I got help I felt more confident.

For me it’s really hard to make friends and feel like I fit in, so I’m also proud that I’ve made some more friends in class, especially after going in a class where I had no friends.

My favourite thing about RMCC is playing games and getting to know my friends better. RMCC mentors let us say if we don’t want to do something, especially if we are sad. The note of encouragement I found in my bag said they’re going to school too and it feels nice because they understand.

– Sidekick Junior kid, Tuesday session

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