We saw great improvements in

Sidekicks Junior students


Students from St Albans Height primary school showed great progress after only two months since they started participating in our Sidekicks Junior program.

They surprised us with their open, thoughtful discussion about tricky, seemingly black-and-white topics like bullying and honesty. One of them expressed: “When one bullies others they’re being honest as they’re showing their true feelings.” Another stated honesty is not necessarily a good thing or your default, especially when being honest may cause you or others worries or troubles. When exchanging ideas about bullying, they’ve shown exceptional critical thinking and debating skills, and an understanding of life’s nuances.

We were also amazed by the compassion they showed at a very young age. When asked what they’d do when being given more change than they should, many indicated they’d do the right things because of the potential consequences of their action on the cashier.

This reinforces our belief that, if nurtured and guided, these kids will become capable, hopeful individuals who make positive, moral decisions. It’s also why it’s vital to a child’s development to have great mentors who will act as their role models, help them find their own pathways and motivate them to pursue what they want and believe in life. 

Below are some snapshots from our Sidekicks Junior weekly sessions. Whether it’s a physical exercise, a scientific experiment, or a creative endeavour, these kids dive in with an enthusiasm that is both inspiring and uplifting, and see each activity as an exciting opportunity for exploration and personal development.

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