We prepared kids for future career paths and opportunities

Making plans and decisions for future careers can be daunting for many high school students. At RMCC, we understand the disadvantages kids from refugee and migrant backgrounds face, including a lack of understanding of career opportunities and pathways in Australia, the possibility of being exploited due to unfamiliarity with workers’ rights, just to name a few. That’s why last term we organised career orientation sessions for RMCC Sidekicks Senior students at Sunshine College where we discussed different potential career paths with mentors from different fields. They also learnt about their rights and entitlements as future employees. 

We had an open and exciting career conversation – the kids asked a lot of interesting questions! We can’t wait to see them become what they aspire to be!

We were moved by how much RMCC kids love our programs

Nothing can compare to seeing our kids noticeably improve their academic and social skills. Except for hearing from them how much they enjoy going to our program every week. 

Students from RMCC Side-by-Side program have always told us our session is their highlight of the week. Khuppi, our Side-by-Side student, shared that he had to miss some classes due to illness but, when feeling better, still attended RMCC’s program on the same day. Similarly, Elim told us she chose to participate in RMCC’s program over another school activity that she had signed up for.

This is what keeps us doing what we’ve been doing – knowing how many kids benefit from our support and how much they genuinely love coming to the program, where they have fun while learning something new from their friends and mentors every time.

We empowered students at St Albans Heights Primary School

Starting this term, we have been running our Sidekicks Junior program to support St Albans Heights Primary School students. The challenges these kids are facing include lacking an emotional outlet, being misunderstood due to difficulties in self expression, and not recognising their own strengths and potentials. That’s why we focus on helping them find (and use) their own voice. RMCC mentors are always there to listen to the kids and help them find the words to communicate their ideas and opinions with the group. The kids are also encouraged to talk about their passions and celebrate their achievements.

Within two weeks of the program, we’ve noticed the kids have become more open, positive, and verbally expressive. We are also amazed by how creatively and authentically they express themselves and show their multifaceted personality.

We surprised the kids with lovely presents before their holiday

RMCC kids have been nothing but awesome this term! They prove time and time again that they are everything we believe they are – talented, curious, creative – and more. To celebrate their achievements for yet another successful term, we surprised them with presents before saying goodbye for the holiday. Our Sidekicks Junior kids were all excited about the Legos and all the building projects they would explore with them. Sidekicks Senior students received beautiful backpacks with all the materials they need to get them ready for the school year ahead. 

We thanked our volunteer mentors with a fun game night

Volunteers are the backbone of RMCC. Without them acting as the kids’ mentors, we wouldn’t be able to deliver our support and respond timely to the unique needs of the kids. They’re one of the key reasons the kids look forward to RMCC programs.

To thank these amazing humans for their hard work and dedication, we organised a Game Night for our volunteers to unwind and get to know each other. From Charades to Trivia and Jenga, these games brought us even closer together as a team. We had lots of laugh, surprises and beautiful memories together this term.

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