We’re expanding our programs to respond to community needs.

RMCC recognises the ever-growing needs in educational and social support for kids from refugee and migrant backgrounds in our local community through the increasing expressions of interest we have been receiving.

That’s why we have started running our Sidekicks Senior Program in Sunshine College. Working with local schools helps us better understand these kids’ unique needs and provide them with holistic support that addresses the barriers they’re facing. By hosting our after-school programs within the school, we’re ensuring our kids can easily attend sessions in a familiar setting, through which they can develop a sense of belonging and community. Our Sidekicks Senior students reported an improvement in self-esteem, class engagement level and feeling of connectedness.

If you know any kid who would benefit from RMCC support, let us know here.

Experimentation is the best way for kids to learn about science, and life!

The most loved activity award this term goes to *drum roll* SCIENCE EXPERIMENTS! We can feel the great excitement from the kids – their faces light up when they see a burst of colour in our “Magic Milk” activity or when they successfully poked holes in zip lock bags filled with water without making them leak. These activities not only foster a love of science in kids by making it fun, but also help them develop their goal-setting, planning, and problem-solving skills. The kids also learn about teamwork and collaboration through discussing predictions and observations with one another.

Your act of kindness collectively helps us support more kids from refugee and migrant backgrounds.

Thanks to our amazing supporters, $7,003 was donated to RMCC during our Dollar Matching campaign. This was matched by Ethicaljobs.com.au, which means a whopping $14,006 was raised in ONE WEEK only! This allows us to give 24 more kids from refugee and migrant backgrounds the support they deserve to reach their full potential in school and in life. Thank you for believing and empowering RMCC kids. Your generosity makes a real difference in their life.

*** Insert thank you video from co-founder.

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